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An Advertiser’s Guide to Association Marketing
Having trouble reaching your ideal future customers? Associations are launching innovative marketing programs that look nothing like your grandpa’s sponsorship programs. Use our guide to get an overview of association marketing opportunities, including new programs that can be game-changers for advertisers looking for qualified buyers to grow their businesses.
Trade Media vs. Association Advertising: Which Is Better for Your Advertising Dollars?
Will you get more bang for your marketing buck by advertising with trade media or professional associations? B2B marketers who want the most mileage from their marketing budgets need to look closely at these five factors when evaluating the pros and cons of advertising programs that trade publishers offer versus their association counterparts.
The 5 Benefits of Aligning Your Brand With a Professional Association
In case you haven’t been paying attention, association sponsorship programs are evolving. Gone are the days when your association marketing results spiked during the annual conference only to go dark for the remainder of the year. Now you can generate warm, intent-based leads from actively engaged professionals every day of the year. Check out these important reasons to align your brand with an association in your industry.
Find Your Target Audience Online: A Step-by-Step Guide
To grow your business, it’s essential to engage with prospective customers in a meaningful way — provided you can find them and capture their attention. This step-by-step guide will walk you through three proven ways to reach prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile.
How to Uncover Audience Needs and Deliver Value With Your Content
You may know your audience, but do you really understand them? Use these methods to find out what makes prospective buyers tick. Then, once you have a more complete understanding of your audience’s needs and desires, you’ll be able to leverage your insights to create content that will successfully drive a robust lead generation campaign.
What Is an Online Resource Library?
A Resource Library showcases curated, thought-leadership content and resources primarily supplied by corporate sponsors, industry solution providers, and advertisers. At Lead Marvels, we manage Resource Libraries on behalf of our association and publisher partners.
How to Define Your Target Audience
Understanding the needs and characteristics of your Ideal Client will ensure that you get the most mileage out of your marketing strategy.
Case Study
How Great Legal Marketing Turbocharged Their Lead Gen Efforts
Great Legal Marketing's lead generation is off and running thanks to Lead Marvels. See how innovative placements and valuable partnerships make it happen.
5 Content Formats That Work Well for B2B Lead Gen (and 3 That Don't)
Everyone knows you need great content to dominate at lead gen, but what type of content works best? Follow along as we do a deep dive on the most effective content formats for lead generation campaigns. We’ll even share some content formats to steer clear of when your goal is to motivate registration form completes.