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Lead Marvels Delivers Over $2.6 Million in Non-Dues Revenue to Bar Associations and Other Legal Partners

The trusted partner for associations.

Increase member engagement.

Grow non-dues revenue.

Gain actionable insights.

Lead Marvels partners with associations to create fully branded interactive digital resource libraries that engage members and subscribers and create new revenue opportunities for you.

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Engage Your Members

According to numerous studies, members believe that having access to helpful industry and professional information is one of the primary benefits of association membership.

Enhance the value you provide your members with a fully interactive, white-labeled resource library. Our resource libraries feature highly relevant, frequently updated, curated content specifically targeted to your members’ informational needs and professional interests.

As the go-to source for this high-demand content that helps your members attain greater levels of success in their careers, your organization will reinforce its stature as an industry leader and the voice of your members.

Grow Your Revenue

Not only will our digital resource libraries increase the number of meaningful touchpoints that you have with your members, but you will also monetize the increased site traffic with new revenue streams.

Our partners do not need to invest in new technology. Simply leverage our proprietary platform, which will be seamlessly integrated into your existing site. In fact, there’s no heavy lift or cost to your organization at all.

What does this mean for your association? Incremental, non-dues revenue. And 100% ROI, because there’s no cost to you. Ever. And the digital resource library is fully implemented and managed by a dedicated team of experts at Lead Marvels.

Non-dues Revenue

Gain Insight

Our web-based dashboard will provide real-time analytics on the content and resources resonating most with your members. And as we continue to update your resource library with fresh, relevant content, you will develop a deeper understanding of your members’ informational needs.

Based on the subject matter areas resonating most with members, your organization can develop and publish its own content to be featured in the resource center.

Plus, your dashboard will provide real-time insights into sponsors’ campaign performance as well as revenue reports for your organization.

Performance Dashboard for Associations

Monitor industry trends, see what’s resonating with members, track non-dues revenue, and access content and campaign performance in real time using your secure, cloud-based performance dashboard. Click through each navigation tab below to explore more features in each section of the dashboard.