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Press Release
Lead Marvels Releases Update to Its Association Resource Library Platform
The company's association partners will now have access to a more robust set of tools and deeper analytics to enhance member engagement and grow non-dues revenue.
Find Your Target Audience Online: A Step-by-Step Guide
To grow your business, it’s essential to engage with prospective customers in a meaningful way — provided you can find them and capture their attention. This step-by-step guide will walk you through three proven ways to reach prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile.
How to Use an Online Resource Library for Year-Round Member Education
For most associations, member engagement tends to spike around their event calendar. However, there are tools you can use to stay top of mind among your members more consistently throughout the year.
Case Study
How Two Associations Deepened Member Value While Growing Non-Dues Revenue
The Utah Association of CPAs and the Texas Society of CPAs were looking for new ways to add value to members. Here's how they did it.
How to Uncover Audience Needs and Deliver Value With Your Content
You may know your audience, but do you really understand them? Use these methods to find out what makes prospective buyers tick. Then, once you have a more complete understanding of your audience’s needs and desires, you’ll be able to leverage your insights to create content that will successfully drive a robust lead generation campaign.
To Build or Partner?
If you’re deciding whether to build your own online Resource Library or to partner with a third-party company to handle the buildout for you, this handy guide may help you determine the best option for your organization.
A Blueprint for Associations to Win Back Sponsorship Dollars
Sponsors are reframing their approach to marketing. Here’s how associations can shift their campaign offerings to keep sponsorship dollars flowing.
Press Release
Lead Marvels Launches New Resource Libraries for Associations in the Legal and Accounting Industries
The company deepens its presence in its core verticals while continuing the expansion of its professional services network with new partnerships in the real estate and staffing industries.
Online Resource Libraries Offer a Sustained Engagement Model for Associations
A Knowledge Hub provides associations with a new model for growing year-round member engagement.