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Our passion is helping organizations grow.
Lead gen is just how we do it.

Lead Marvels Staff

Our mission

We are laser-focused on delivering results for our partners. Some say we’re obsessed with our partners’ success. They’re probably right.

If you’re an advertiser who needs a steady stream of qualified, intent-based leads to grow your business, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a professional association that wants to increase the value you offer your members while boosting non-dues revenue at the same time, we are here to serve you.

Our story

How we became Lead Marvel(ous)

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1st Startup

Jeff (our CEO) meets Jon (our CTO) at an Internet cafe and together they launch CollegeTownUSA, a website dedicated to connecting incoming and current students with local businesses around college campuses. The site grew to over 10 million businesses in more than 4,000 college towns.


2nd Startup

Jeff and Jon launch ProducersWEB.com, which grew to become the leading online community for insurance agents and financial advisors looking to network and improve their professional skills. The site became one of the largest lead gen platforms in the financial industry.


Corporate tour of duty

ProducersWEB was acquired by Wiesner Media. Jeff and Jon stayed on to white label their lead gen platform for other media brands. In 2008, Weiser was acquired by Summit Business Media, which was subsequently acquired by ALM Media several years later. At each destination, Jeff and Jon continued their work building industry-leading lead gen platforms for media brands across multiple verticals.


Lead Marvels established

Jeff and Jon returned to their entrepreneurial roots and founded Lead Marvels, Inc., with the goal of applying their unique approach to lead generation for associations and publishers looking for incremental revenue streams and increased member/subscriber engagement.


The next chapter

Since our launch in 2017, Lead Marvels has launched more than 100 digital resource libraries on behalf of our association and publishing partners. We’ve also generated hundreds of thousands of qualified leads for our advertiser clients. This chapter is far from over, and we want you to be in it with us!

Our values

  • Reliability. Providing exceptional support, advice, and expertise isn’t just what we do, it’s part of who we are. Day in and day out, we stand ready to help our partners and teammates succeed.
  • Innovation. As leaders in B2B lead generation, we are constantly testing new technologies and the most effective strategies to enable our partners’ success.
  • Integrity. We believe in always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Our team is uncompromisingly honest and strives to embody the highest level of professionalism.
  • Passion. We love lead gen, and we know that we have unlimited potential when we put our passion at the core of everything we do. Our team strives to inspire others with our contagious enthusiasm.
  • Musketeer-ism. We pledge to be fearless advocates for the success of our clients and our teammates because we know that when we collaborate “as one,” we accomplish incredible things.

Our leaders

Jeff Schottland
Co-founder & CEO

Jeff is a co-founder of Lead Marvels and currently serves as its CEO. He relies upon his 20+ years as an internet entrepreneur and digital media executive to drive the growth of Lead Marvels. When he’s not working, he enjoys studying and teaching the Bible, mixology and craft cocktails, and cooking up 'copycat' dishes of his favorite restaurants with friends and his wife Raini.

Jonathan Michel
Co-founder & CTO

Jonathan is a co-founder of Lead Marvels and currently serves as its CTO. The principle architect of the Lead Marvels lead generation platform, his more than 25 years of programming and web design experience has provided the foundation for a great team of developers and innovators. When he’s not coding, you might find him hiking, playing chess or spending time with his wife Jennifer and their two children.

Michael Palacios

With over 15-years of business operations and strategic growth expertise, Michael serves as the President of Lead Marvels. His experience as an ‘intrapreneur’ brings the team a balanced approach to profitable growth and operational efficiencies. When not working, Michael enjoys international travel, volunteering, and spending time with his wife Jessica and two teenage children.

Lead Generation as a Service (LGaaS)

Lead Generation as a Service, or LGaaS, is how we deliver our web-based lead gen platform to our association and publisher partners. Pioneered by Lead Marvels, it allows our partners to license and use our proprietary technology to offer digital resource libraries to their member and subscriber audiences. These content hubs are white labeled for your website, providing a seamless digital experience for your members, but are centrally hosted and managed by Lead Marvels. Instead of building, hosting, and managing your own lead gen platform, LGaaS allows you to go to market faster, with greater efficiency and minimal impact on your internal resources – And at no cost at all to you, so you can be earning non-dues, incremental revenue in no time at all.

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