What Is an Online Resource Library?

For associations looking to earn non-dues revenue, while deepening member value, a Resource Library can be the ticket. But how exactly do Resource Libraries work?

At Lead Marvels, we use the terms “ Resource Library,” “Content Hub,” or “Knowledge Hub” to refer to the platform that supports and enables the publishing of premium content — both “gated” and “ungated” — that we manage on behalf of our association and publisher partners. A Resource Library is white-labeled and fully branded for an association’s website, providing a seamless digital experience for association members. It is hosted and centrally managed by Lead Marvels and provides plug-and-play deployment for our association and publisher partners.

A Resource Library showcases curated, thought-leadership content and resources primarily supplied by corporate sponsors, industry solution providers, and advertisers. However, associations often publish their own content as well. Content hosted in the Resource Library can include white papers, guides, ebooks, reports, research, podcasts, on-demand webinars, and more. A Resource Library helps the association establish itself as a one-stop-shop for all of its members' content needs.

The content and resources in a Resource Library are free to association members and typically require users to complete a short form in order to download the material from a 3rd-party sponsor or provider. Often the content provided by an association does not require a form completion. If a member chooses to download a piece of sponsored content, they become a “lead” for the sponsor that supplied that content.

An effectively built platform captures and shares value for each stakeholder segment: Members get access to a steady stream of valuable thought leadership content and resources from industry experts, corporate sponsors get intent-based leads for business development, and associations generate member engagement, while earning incremental, non-dues revenue. The platform also provides associations with valuable insights about member behavior, needs, and preferences, which they can use as the basis for their own future content programming and development.

Best of all, there is no cost to associations and no time or resources required from internal staff. Lead Marvels can also fully manage sales efforts on behalf of our association partners.

An online Resource Library creates a win-win-win scenario for associations, members, and sponsors alike.

How does it all work?

Many companies that sponsor and advertise with associations are already creating valuable thought leadership content that is geared toward professionals in their industries. Association members make an ideal audience for this content, but it is typically only available on the company’s website.

Often, the challenge for sponsors is finding a larger, qualified audience for their content. At Lead Marvels, we aggregate that same content from participating companies and make it conveniently available for members on the associations’ website using our online Resource Library platform.

Step 1: A member follows a link on the association’s website or newsletter that takes them to an association-branded Resource Library.

Step 2: The member clicks on a resource or searches for a topic aligned with their needs and interests.

Step 3: The member arrives at a web page with detailed information about the resource.

Step 4: If the member wishes to access the content, they can download it immediately by clicking ‘download now’, or, in some cases, by completing a short registration form.

Step 5: The member downloads the content, and if it was sponsored content, their information is then delivered to the sponsor that supplied the resource.

Sponsors pay a set fee for each lead, and the revenue is shared between the association and Lead Marvels, creating a win-win-win scenario for associations, sponsors, and members alike.

What are the benefits to associations?

  • Increased member engagement: Because of the wide array of freshly updated content, members have more opportunities to visit and engage with the association’s site, which will build upon their favorable impression of the organization as an industry leader and go-to source for industry information and solutions.
  • Non-dues revenue: A Resource Library provides ongoing, incremental, non-dues revenue for an association with each download.
  • Actionable insights: Associations can easily stay up-to-date on important industry information and gain valuable insights about member actions, preferences, and goals. The data gathered on the content members are viewing can also inform future association programming.
  • Light-lift: When partnering with Lead Marvels, launching an online Resource Library requires no cost from an association. Lead Marvels is responsible for the implementation and management of the Resource Library and can also manage all or a portion of the sales effort.

What are the benefits to members?

  • Professional insights: Members receive free access to a constantly updated library of resources that align with their professional needs and interests.
  • Access to solution providers: As members receive informational content targeted to their specific challenges, they gain access to vendors uniquely equipped to provide additional solutions to those challenges.
  • Deeper connection with your association: Because they will have new reasons to regularly visit their association’s website, members can avail themselves of additional resources, support, and networking opportunities provided by their association.

What are the benefits to corporate sponsors and industry suppliers?

  • Business development: Targeted content, self-selected by members will provide a unique business development opportunity for sponsors to connect with qualified prospective buyers.
  • Thought leadership: Posting valuable content in a Resource Library will position sponsors as thought leaders among an influential audience of prospective buyers.
  • Brand affiliation: Sponsors will benefit by aligning their brand with a highly reputable association when they provide content for a Digital Resource Library accessed via the association’s website.

Building a Digital Resources Library is easier than you might think

Learn more about how our Digital Resource Library program can strengthen your organization. Whether you’re an association interested in partnering with Lead Marvels or a corporate sponsor interested in a steady stream of fresh, intent-based leads from engaged professions, click here to request a free demo.

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