June 24, 2024
Lead Marvels’ innovative Resource Library platform enhances member engagement and provides recurring revenue streams for bar associations.

Fishkill, NY (June 24, 2024) – Lead Marvels, a digital lead generation provider in the association industry, announced today that it has successfully generated over $2.6 million in non-dues revenue for its partners within the legal industry, including 18 bar association partners. This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to supporting bar associations in enhancing member engagement and financial stability through its innovative digital solution.

Lead Marvels’ Resource Library platform seamlessly integrates with bar associations’ websites, offering curated, high-quality content that provides valuable information to legal professionals. This fully managed solution requires minimal administrative effort from the associations, allowing them to focus on strategic priorities while enjoying a reliable stream of non-dues revenue.

“We are incredibly proud of the value our Resource Library platform brings to our bar association partners,” said Jeff Schottland, CEO of Lead Marvels. “By offering an efficient and effective way to generate non-dues revenue and enrich member engagement, we are committed to our partners’ continued growth and success.”

Highlighting the benefits the Federal Bar Association has experienced from its partnership with Lead Marvels, Stacy King, CEO, said, “Partnering with Lead Marvels has been a game-changer for us. Their Resource Library has helped us offset declines in membership renewals and provides a seamless way to generate revenue without straining our staff resources. The additional content has been invaluable in keeping our members engaged and informed.”

Terry Hill, Division Director of Programs at The Florida Bar, also praised the relationship, noting the ease of implementation and the monthly financial benefits. “Lead Marvels has been an outstanding provider from the start. Their team handles everything, making it a very efficient process for us. The non-dues revenue generated from their platform requires minimal effort on our part,” Hill remarked. “The expanded content and resources have been a value-add for our members.”

As the legal industry continues to evolve, Lead Marvels remains dedicated to helping bar associations and other legal partners navigate these changes successfully. With a proven track record of delivering results, Lead Marvels is poised to continue its mission of supporting the legal community through its innovative and impactful digital platform solution.

For more information about Lead Marvels' Resource Library platform or vendor directory solution or to request a no-obligation demo, visit

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