Our services will enhance and refine your existing digital media products and offerings, or they can enable you to roll-out entirely new, world-class solutions.

Lead Generation

Increase and improve your lead generation solutions and offerings with a world-class, turn-key, 'plug-and-play' lead generation platform that includes customized landing pages and forms, dynamic 'thank you' pages, real-time lead delivery with CRM integration, campaign dashboards and reports, as well as lead nurturing, lead scoring, pipeline marketing and so much more. It's no coincidence that "Lead" is in our company name; Lead Generation is in our DNA, it's who we are, it's what makes us special! But don't take our word for it. See for yourself!

Email Marketing and Delivery

Whether you send a variety of eNewsletters, each with a different template and subscription list, or dedicated, 100% share-of-voice email promotions, our platform provides what you need to be successful. From dedicated IPs, to email authentication, to blacklist monitoring, to ISP feedback loops, to managed and segmented lists with subscription tools, to reports with rich, clean, actionable data, to our internal marketing gurus that are committed to your success, we do it all, and will make you, and your emails, look marvelous!

Sales and Campaign Support

Whether it's prospecting, pitching, proposing, closing, on-boarding, managing or renewing, we can help! By leveraging our proven-and-tested workflows, best practices, and pre-built recipes, we'll help you to stay organized, reduce churn and thrill your customers. With Lead Marvels in your corner, it's only a matter of time before your clients are transformed into outspoken advocates!

Events and Online Calendars

Drive greater attendance and event revenue with a dynamic calendaring application. Calendaring capabilities enable you to publish events within your community. Events can be public, invite only or include registration. The calendar also includes: event notifications, event subscriptions, RSVP functionality, maps to event locations, registration lists, and the ability for staff, sponsors and users to add and manage local, regional and national events.

Content Management

The Lead Marvel's platform provides dynamic publishing of contextually related content through any channel at any time. Leverage our intuitive editorial and marketing tools to engage readers, increase page views and time on site, and create new revenue opportunities. Whether it's articles or blogs, audio or video, press releases, PDFs, offers or events, it's time you automate content delivery intelligently and efficiently, and increase Revenue Per User quickly!

Database Management

Creating a single, unified audience database by combining demographic, behavioral and contextual data points from across print, online, email, events and postal will give you a powerful asset that drives audience engagement, organizational value and profitable revenue.

Content Creation

Positioning your company or your clients as experts and thought leaders in your field can help build the credibility of your brand and provide an edge over the competition. We help you to craft content that is valuable to your prospective customers, and then promote it across the right platforms to expand its reach and ability to engage new audiences.

Community Integration

Community features enhance brand loyalty and increase sales, page views and time on site. Increase user interaction and engagement with one or more of the following: Comments/Reviews, Forums, Most viewed/commented, Ratings, as well as 'Follow' by topic, Sponsor, or Person, which trigger personalized, daily Alert notifications. Our 'Leaderboard' functionality uses 'Gamification' - a points system based on level of engagement and actions taken by staff, sponsors and users.