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No matter how hard you try, you won't get off the ground without the right platform!

Lead Generation

  • Utilize a variety of pre-loaded landing page templates or create new ones with ease
  • Quickly modify and customize lead forms
  • Dynamic question generation based on responses to previous form fields
  • Personalized 'Thank You' and confirmation pages
  • Generate deeper engagement with custom engagement pages with 'Pipeline Marketing'
  • Delivery of lead data via real-time email notifications
  • Triggers to pass lead data to clients' marketing automation systems and/or CRMs
  • Easily integrates with Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, ON24, GoToMeeting and others
  • Built-in Lead Scoring provides metrics to help evaluate best lead candidates
  • Campaign-based lead nurturing
  • Increased conversion rates with auto-population of lead forms from email clicks
  • Track post-lead actions after a form is completed
  • 'Enhanced Lead' view includes lead score based on current and historic lead activity, with ability to incorporate 3rd-party lead data


  • Simple drag-and-drop tools to build complex newsletter templates
  • Tracking/Reporting of opens/clicks/bounces
  • Create, send and track email
  • Subscription / email list management
  • DKIM and SPG compliance
  • Feedback loops for automated handling of complaints
  • List cleaning and validation services
  • Scalability and redundancy
  • Support and manage client/3rd-party mail systems


  • See what's happening with Activity Streams
  • Discussion Forums enables you to create dialog with and between members
  • Chat, Presence and Private Message application includes single or multi-user chat and user presence information
  • User profiles enable members of the community to share information and experiences about themselves, and manage settings and subscriptions
  • Leaderboards rank users based on the completion of specific activities
  • Over 25 built-in achievements that can be unlocked by people within the community as part of the gamification system
  • Star Ratings, Reviews and Likes enable your customers, employees or partners to rate, review and like items published within the community
  • Much more!


  • Full content management system
  • Support for adding and maintaining published content (articles, news, blogs, Audio, Video, events, Webinars, Landing pages, press releases and more
  • Content provided by users/members, staff, clients, 3rd-party (i.e. partners)
  • Client/sponsor management tools
  • Full document upload with tracking (i.e. PDFs)
  • Build content pages using web based tools
  • Full-tagging system
  • Navigation systems to generate indexes, calendars, summaries

Performance Dashboard

  • Track client data using both internal metrics and google analytics, available to clients in real-time
  • Track site activity and actions, email metrics with full reporting, as well as lead summaries and other KPIs
  • Role and privilege system allows access and privileges to be configured by site, client, brand or member
  • Client-specific dashboards available to clients 24/7 for tracking and monitoring their advertising and lead generation programs